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How to organize oversized transport? – Part I

To give the correct answer to the question raised in the subject matter: How to organize oversized transport? – you should start by explaining what this transport is.

Oversized transport

Oversized transport is nothing more than the carriage of goods exceeding the standard dimensions and/or weights specified by national and international road and public road traffic regulations. The most frequently transported dimensions in our company include mainly parts of production lines, specialist machines including agricultural machines, various tanks and tracked vehicles.

In the transport of dimensions it is also required to have an appropriately high level of insurance and specialized rolling stock. The most frequently used trailers in the transport of bulky goods include: semi-trailer type SEMI trailer, Tiefbett, Telesatel. It should be remembered that the transport of oversized cargo requires the carriers to have appropriate permits specifying the conditions of transport. Permits are issued by the competent authorities (such as the starost or the Director-General for National Roads and Motorways), by way of an administrative decision, and are divided into seven types depending on the category – in total. The different categories of authorisations shall specify, as appropriate, the dimensions of the vehicle for the type of road the vehicle will travel on, the permissible axle load and the time limit for which the authorisation is granted. If oversized goods are transported across the border of our country, the consent of the Head of the Customs Office is also required. Depending on the type of goods transported, it may also be necessary to meet another requirement in the form of a police escort for the time of transporting goods through urban areas or a specialist pilotage. However, this requirement remains the responsibility of the relevant authority to which we apply for a transport permit.

Organising oversized transport

In view of the above information, it is possible to start organizing oversized transport. Having a full specification of the cargo with precise determination of its weight, dimensions, value of the goods and transport conditions, we can contact the appropriate authorities, which based on additional information such as the place of loading, unloading, will determine the strict conditions of carriage and the route of the journey. The waiting time for a document is from two to about six weeks. It should be emphasized that for not allowing or exceeding the permissible axle loads, vehicle dimensions and exceeding the permissible total weight of the vehicle, there are penal sanctions in the amount of from five hundred to even six thousand zlotys. It is also worth knowing that in our country the current regulations allow in special cases to carry out transport with vehicles with a total weight of up to 60 tons and the length of the cargo, which does not exceed 30 meters. All issues included in this article will be the subject of more detailed considerations, which will appear over time as a supplement to the above introduction to the subject of oversized transport.

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01 September 2017|