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Temperature controlled cargo

Clean and odourless containers are standard nowadays.
What you gain by working with us.

Piece of mind

Was it irritating to have to pay for a roundtrip with empty container to load your cargo? We bet you want to change this situation and save on your transporting expenses. At a centrally located container depot ADECON has containers ready for immediate loading. This can save you 7-10 days on transit time!


You must have also definitely experienced a situation when your customer calls you with a claim. Their cargo arrived rotten and they refuse to pay for your service. You check the whole process and it turns out, that generator used to power your container broke down. You don’t want this to happen again, do you? ADECON provides the latest generators, that are regularly maintained. At ADECON we service our generators by ourselves.

We provide comfort and safety by

Service and sales of gensets

Equipment availability

Precise temperature control

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