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What you gain

Technology of ADECON enables you to know in real time:

Date and time of delivery

Track record of your orders

Status of your shipment


Let’s imagine that your key customer calls you asking about the timing of his cargo reaching the destination. You care about their peace of mind, therefore right away you call the company with which you ordered this shipment. It turns out they don’t have the information… they need to contact the driver… After an hour, when your frustration reached an usually high level, they call you back only to say that they can’t get a hold of the driver. What a letdown!

Let’s imagine a different scenario. When your customer phoned you, there was no need to call anybody, you simply asked your customer to stay on the line, while you checked the current status of their shipment that you got directly from ADECON’s IT system. Then you simply share this information with your customer and end the conversation with a smile on your face. Another happy customer… and you both can get back to your business.


You care, that your cargo reaches the destination on time and in a great condition. Therefore the company that you entrust your business should operate a fleet of trucks that are on average less than 2 years old. In addition, you want your suppliers to be eco-friendly by fulfilling EURO6 emission standards. How do we know this? Hundreds of customers view us as a reliable partner everyday and they share with us, what’s important to them.

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